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Medical services may be expensive at times, not having a plan can greatly expose you to the dangers of chronic and acute illnesses. Therefore it is crucial to at least have a plan on how to cover your medical bills just in case they became too heavy a burden for you. The plan can at least be used to pay a part of your bills for example health insurance. At times foundations, government and non-governmental organizations may chip in and help to cater for the hefty medical bills. However, it is always wise to have your plan in case all the rest fail to come for your rescue.

Financial Assistance Information

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is composed of U.S. government biomedical research institutions and is not authorized to provide routine medical assistance or treatment funds.

These are some resources, however, that may help in finding information on financial aid for medical treatment. Visit these websites frequently for new information as it becomes available. Talk to your state or county health department or social workers at your local hospital for more information on available resources.

This document is divided into five sections, as follows:

  • Assistance with Paying for Medical Care and Procedures
  • Financial Aid for Medical Treatments
  • Assistance with Paying for Medications
  • Assistance with Insurance Premiums
  • Participation in Clinical Trials

Assistance with Paying for Medical Care and Procedures

Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)
The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has information on assistance in paying for medical care for low-income families. Go to “Families & Children.”

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There are programmes that were specifically brought about just to cater for the needs of those with limited resources and incomes. These programmes are vital for they are pivotal in saving lives that would have been lost just because of a medical bill. Most of them are for the uncovered and underserved patients. The assistance can either be for free or temporary.

Who’s Eligible for Medical Financial Assistance?

  • Eligibility is based on financial need. In general, patients whose household income is at or below 200 percent, and in some regions up to 400 percent, of the federal poverty guidelines are eligible for the MFA program.
  • Patients who are experiencing high medical expenses as compared to their income may be eligible under high medical expenses criteria, regardless of household income.

What does the program cover?

The MFA program covers emergency and medically necessary health care services, pharmacy services and products, and medical supplies provided at Kaiser Permanente facilities (i.e. hospitals, medical centers, and medical office buildings), at Kaiser Permanente outpatient pharmacies, or by Kaiser Permanente providers. Services that are not considered emergent or medically necessary as determined by a Kaiser Permanente provider include, but are not limited to cosmetic surgery or services, infertility treatments, retail medical supplies, surrogacy services, and services related to third party liability, or workers’ compensation cases.

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These medical aids don’t just come. One has to be eligible and use the right procedures and channels to get them. The best thing is that once you qualify, which is easy most of the times you get the financial assistance as expected. You can get financing for all sorts of medical issues.

Financing for:
Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery, Infertility, Fertility, Bariatric Procedures, Weight Loss, Dental, Lasik/Vision, Dermatology, Hair Transplant, Hospital, Insurance Co-Payments, Adoption, Funerals, and Medical Tourism
Depends on Applicants Credit and Lendor

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